Xenoverse 2, the infinite Dragon Ball: gameplay of the new DLC with Jiren, Kale, Caulifa, Gogeta …

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It’s been five years Since Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was published, and far from having closed its successful cycle – we are facing the best-selling Dragon Ball game in history – it continues to show muscle and expand options, this time with DLC 13 that allows us to enjoy new stories like a Jiren vs Broly or trying to change Bardock’s fate to Freeza.

The infinite Dragon Ball? If it is not, it seems so, because throughout this five years characters, plots and much more have been added that make the Bandai Namco and Dimps game one of the most complete in terms of possibilities and characters in the series.

Today we review everything that he brings with himXenoverse 2’s last life.


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