Xiaomi Cyberdog, Xiaomi’s robotic dog: What price does it have and features

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For a few years we have become used to seeing SPOT, one of the ‘creatures’ of the robotic company Boston Dynamics that is designed and animated as if it were a dog, and surprises with the fluidity of its movements and its ‘smart’ capabilities as the analysis of environments. It has built-in algorithms to detect an object or person within 1 meter of its proximity to avoid collision.


We saw Spot last year in areas like Singapore, deployed in parks to make sure citizens were following safety distance and other anti-Coronavirus regulations. And in this 2021 it has even been on maneuvers with the French army, since for about 75,000 euros Boston Dynamics sells you a copy. And do you know what? Xiaomi too.

We are used to Xiaomi going outside the norm with each new product that it brings out in its IoT ecosystem, since its catalog includes mobiles, tablets, appliances, scooters, bicycles, furniture, vehicles … And now robot dogs.

Xiaomi Cyberdog

Xiaomi announced yesterday his new “Bio-inspired quadruped robot”: CyberDog, Xiaomi’s first foray into quadruped robotics for the open source community and developers around the world. In fact, the idea of ​​releasing it ‘open source’ –giving everyone access to your codebase- it is for “Robotics enthusiasts interested in CyberDog can compete or co-create with other like-minded Xiaomi Fans, together driving the development and potential of quadruped robots”.

CyberDog is calibrated with Xiaomi’s own developed servo motors, which translates into great speed, agility and a wide range of movements. With maximum torque output and rotational speed of up to 32N-m / 220Rpm, CyberDog is capable of a series of high-speed movements of up to 3.2m / s and complicated actions such as backward jumps.

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CyberDog’s brain feeds off the rig NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, an AI supercomputer for embedded and edge systems including 384 CUDA cores, 48 ​​tensor cores, a 6 Carmel ARM CPU and 2 Deep Learning Acceleration Engines. For its owners, CyberDog seamlessly processes the massive data captured by its sensor system.


Fish eyes and sensors

To fully model biological organisms, CyberDog is equipped with 11 high-precision sensors that provide instant information to guide your movements. This includes touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules, etc., giving CyberDog a greater ability to perceive, analyze, and interact with its environment.

Thanks to Xiaomi’s smartphone imaging technology, CyberDog has a greater ability to perceive its surroundings. It comes integrated with a number of camera sensors including:

  • Interactive AI cameras
  • Ultra Wide Angle Fisheye Binocular Cameras
  • Intel RealSense D450 Depth Module

The robot can be trained with its computer vision algorithm.

Analyze the environment in real time

Built on this vision sensor system are the autonomous object tracking, SLAM, and centimeter scale obstacle avoidance and navigation. This means that CyberDog can analyze its environment in real time, create navigation maps, plot its destination, and avoid obstacles. Along with human posture tracking and facial recognition, CyberDog is able to follow its owner and avoid obstacles.

To increase their pet character, users can use voice assistants to command and control CyberDog by setting a wake-up word, or simply use the accompanying remote control and smartphone app. CyberDog can be called on for all kinds of tasks.


The passenger robotics also implements various external interfaces including 3 Type-C ports and 1 HDMI port, so developers have the freedom to explore and integrate a wide range of hardware add-ons or software systems such as search light, panoramic camera, motion camera, LiDAR, etc.

Xiaomi Cyberdog Price

Xiaomi puts on sale from now 1,000 units of CyberDog at RMB 9,999 – about 1,314 euros to change. It will also create the ‘Xiaomi Open Source Community’ to constantly share progress and results with developers around the world, and promises to establish a robotics laboratory to provide a platform for engineers to continue their search for future innovations.

A robot dog like the one from Boston Dynamics for a fraction of what this and the same design is worth. Would you buy it? Will we get to see them the way we see drones or electric scooters today?


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