Xiaomi promises that its novel 120W fast charging system will not ‘kill’ the battery of phones

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Daniel Desjarlais, international head of communications and global spokesperson for Xiaomi, has responded to some doubts and concerns from users of his phones regarding charging technology HyperCharge that the Chinese company plans to implement in its next cell phone lines.

The technology giant will officially present its new family of Mi 11 smartphones next week, with a Pro model that will feature a fast charging by cable at 120 watts (W). In this context, many people have expressed their fear that this feature, which would allow the cell phone battery to be fully recharged in a few minutes, could be detrimental to its useful life.

In dialogue with the portal The Verge, Desjarlais stated that there are no negative impacts. He says that the company has carried out repeated and intense tests and that, in general, after 800 cycles, the battery remains 80% of its original state. While a 20% loss may sound high to many, the spokesperson explained: “It’s pretty standard across basically all charging technologies. 800 cycles, for most people, will be about two years. So that’s pretty solid.”

Xiaomi estimates that its batteries will be in “good health”, even if fast charging is used all the time, adds Desjarlais. In any case, and speaking of conventional chargers, he recommended using the slowest if the device is going to charge overnight and the fast for “more hasty situations.”

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Finally, Desjarlais assures that the company has been very careful when it comes to the safety of its batteries, and its phones have 34 different protection functions. “This is one of the reasons why this technology [HyperCharge] it is now going out to global markets. We wanted to make sure we were compliant with all the regulations, but also that it was incredibly safe for everyone, “he concludes.

At the end of May, Xiaomi unveiled its HyperCharge power system with a 200W charger prototype, traditionally powering a 4,000 mAh battery at 100% in just 8 minutes. It was the first fast charge of this voltage with cable, and the fastest charge achieved to date. Meanwhile, its power of 120W in wireless mode allowed to charge a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro – modified for tests – to 100% in 15 minutes.

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