Xiaomi’s Next Big Thing: Intelligent Glasses for Music Enthusiasts

By: Dan Cooper

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Xiaomi Introduces Smart Audio Glasses for Music Lovers

Xiaomi is known for its wide range of products that can make a difference in our daily lives. While the famous Chinese firm gained popularity through its smartphones, it has now ventured into launching smart glasses that cater to music lovers.

These Xiaomi Smart Audio Glasses are different from the smart glasses with assisted reality that the company had introduced previously. These are traditional prescription glasses with added sound systems on the temples that make them perfect for people who wear glasses and love music.

Attractive and User-Friendly Design

The Xiaomi Smart Audio Glasses are aesthetically traditional, made of a combination of paste and aluminum frame with the option to include graduated glasses for vision correction. They have a weight of just 38 grams, making them similar to standard glasses. The glasses also have an IP54 certification that guarantees water resistance, making them an ideal companion for workouts or rainy days. The touch controls on the temples make it easy to manage music and other functions.

Revolutionary Technology for Enhanced Audio Experience

While the exterior of the glasses may seem traditional, the interior hides cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the audio experience for any wearer. The open field sound system integrated into the glasses features a 12.8 cm diameter speaker and SBS 2.0 double suspension system that offers excellent sound reproduction. This system allows music lovers to enjoy high-quality sound without having to insert earphones into their ears.

The Xiaomi Smart Audio Glasses also have external microphones that cancel external noise, providing a better listening experience. The surround sound system further creates a 3D acoustic landscape that perfectly suits games and movies. With a battery life of up to 22 hours, the glasses come with Bluetooth 5.2 to connect with any smartphone or device comfortably.


The Xiaomi Smart Audio Glasses are currently available in China, priced at approximately 110 euros. It is yet to be seen if they will be available in other countries, including Spain. Nonetheless, this product has the potential to change the audio experience, especially for those who wear glasses regularly.

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