Xoana González confesses that she fights against depression and has been on medication for 11 years | VIDEO

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Magaly medina He shocked many when he spoke of the depression that the reality girl has Michela Elijah, who pointed out that he has been fighting this disease for several years.

The testimony encouraged Xoana González also disclose that you suffer from this disease and have been medicated for eleven years.

Through her social networks, the Argentine model showed the box filled with her medications for depression and even joked about the moment her husband met the box.

“It’s called depression and it’s a disease. I cried, thank you, Magaly Medina for speaking like this. He spoke so well that I even felt like showing that the life drive beats the death drive. Eleven years medicated ”, the blonde told her stories.

Finally, González affirmed that he loves life and asked his followers to go to therapy if they do not feel well.

“I love my life, I feel that I got the most out of life because of how happy I am, but it is a disease like diabetes and you learn to live together responsibly and willingly you can be happy”, He concluded.

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