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Xolo Maridueña: The Man, The Superhero, The Sunglasses

Xolo Maridueña is an American actor who shot to fame through his role in the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai. He’s also appeared in several other TV series and movies, including the NBC show Parenthood, and he’ll be playing the role of Jaime Reyes, and his alter ego in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Blue Beetle. Maridueña will make history as the first Hispanic actor to play the part of a superhero in a DC or Marvel movie universe.

But he’s not just known for his acting chops. Maridueña has a serious line in style, too. Whether it’s edgy, on-trend urban wear worn with his signature oversized eyeglasses, or a sharply cut suit and sneakers, Xolo stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons! We find out more about this charismatic, rising star below.

Rising Talent

Maridueña was born in California and is of Ecuadorian, Cuban, and Mexican heritage; Xolo means ‘Dog Star’ in his indigenous Nahuatl tongue.

Maridueña was only ten years old when he began his professional acting career in 2011. During his first year on the scene, he secured an impressive number of roles, including a recurring part on Parenthood and numerous tv commercials. Maridueña also had parts in the tv drama Major Crimes and Showtime’s Twin Peaks – but his big break came when he was cast as Miguel in the Netflix original smash hit Cobra Kai. In 2021 the star was nominated in the category of Best Actor in a TV Comedy for this role at the Imagen Awards. 

An honoree at the National Hispanic Media Coalition 2022 Impact Awards Gala – he was the recipient of the Rising Star Award – Maridueña appeared on the red carpet in typically high style.  Wearing a slick double-breasted black blazer, simple black top, silver necklace, and standout hexagonal-framed glasses, he was the unofficial winner of the best-dressed man on the red carpet award, too.

And Maridueña isn’t the only member of his family in the entertainment industry: his dad is a music producer, while his mom is a radio show host. 

Learning the Moves

For his role in Cobra Kai, Maridueña, like the other stars, had to become proficient in karate. In a recent interview, he says he’d score himself about a six or seven out of ten for his skills in the discipline, explaining that, although he’s meant to practice while the show is on hiatus, he doesn’t spend as much time doing so as he should!

At present, he says, he has no plans to enter a martial arts competition for real, like fellow actors Tom Hardy and Mario Lopez have recently done – but who knows what the future could hold!

The Arrival of Blue Beetle

Maridueña landed the role of Blue Beetle in the upcoming movie without even needing to audition – the filmmakers were so certain he was perfect for the role. The star has said that he welcomed the opportunity to be part of a story where the Hispanic character wasn’t portrayed as illegally crossing a border, being involved in the drugs trade, or in a gang. For Maridueña, the role of a superhero was about as positive as it could get.

When asked what makes the character of Blue Beetle different from all the other superheroes, Maridueña is quick to respond. For him, he was drawn to the fact the character’s family is in on the secret of Jaime Reyes’ alter ego right from the start. Given the closeness of Maridueña’s own family unit, this is maybe no surprise.

Maridueña has said that he’s a little concerned he’ll need to buff up further for the superhero suit. However, given that he looks great, whether rocking a preppy look complete with an oversized blazer and transparent-framed glasses or a sporty aesthetic, we’re sure he’s going to pull it off just fine.

Maridueña Trivia

Need a fix of Maridueña facts? No problem!

Maridueña is a major movie fan; he cites his favorite flick as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and he also loves The Usual Suspects, Up, Princess Mononoke, and Ocean’s Eleven. The star also enjoys playing the classic Dungeons and Dragons and even attends local meet-ups to have fun playing with fellow gamers.

Maridueña is a passionate Dodgers fan and makes a point of always holding season tickets, so he never misses a game. Keep an eye out, and you must just see him in the stands, wearing stylishly large shades and cap, of course. The star grew up playing sports and still participates in tennis and basketball games.

Family is crucial to Maridueña, and he’s previously spoken about how his parents have ensured he’s stayed grounded in the wake of his celebrity and that he and his sister have grown up well-rounded and without annoyingly large egos.

Looking to The Future

The future is bright for Xolo Maridueña. With a blockbuster movie in production and another series of Cobra Kai expected to drop later this year, the actor’s star may only just have begun its ascent. Maridueña’s versatility, humility, and work ethic – not to mention his style credentials! – mean he’s likely to be in demand with directors and filmmakers for a long time to come. 

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