“Y: The Last Man”, the Star + series in the style of The Rain that arrives next week

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Science fiction is one of those genres that whenever they bring a product that becomes a sensation, it makes the edges that emerge based on analysis and constructions of the story endless. When The Rain came to Netflix, he immediately generated a group of followers who were enthusiastic about his story. Unfortunately for them, the adventure ended after just three seasons. Now with Star+ a new post apocalyptic fiction proposal will appear.

The official poster of the series. (IMDb)

Is about “Y: The Last Man”, which will disembark on the platform that has just arrived in Latin America on September 13. The series is inspired by the graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan in which a mysterious virus wiped out all male mammals (that had a Y chromosome). The result was a society of women who rule and must deal with what the contagion left, of which only one man survived, Yorick, and his monkey, Ampersand. The first ten episodes will be available on Star+ from next week.

“Y: The Last Man” It had been years in which several companies had tried to adapt the work, but for different reasons they had fallen by the wayside. Now with Eliza Clark como showrunner, FX found a way to bring to life a show that, according to its main manager, could have life for up to six seasons. At least that’s what he said during an interview with Comic Book.

How much will be of interpretation in “Y: The Last Man”

As said, one of the main diversions that science fiction viewers have is to find theories that explain or justify the inexplicable. In this sense Clark He warned that not everything will have an explanation, so those who want to find a product that will leave them 100% satisfied will be outraged by the lines that will be half explored. For the showrunner of “Y: The Last Man”, the important “It is not the mystery of what happened”.

y the last man fx hulu star+

The series will not explain everything that happens. (IMDb)

Clark stressed that the fundamental of his series will be to see “How people created a belief system around what happened”. After saying this, he remarked that he is not “Very interested in explanations of what happened, but I’m not at all interested in what the answer is, because in the end, the answer is science fiction”. For the director, the main axis of the series that will be seen by Star+ it will be to see how people react when there is an event of this kind.

The gender perspective in the FX series

The first season of “Y: The Last Man” It will be composed of a cast that will be led by Diane Lane What Jennifer Brown. Figures like that of Ashley Romans, Ben Schnetzer (which will be Yorick Brown), Olivia Thirlby, Amber Tamblyn and Marin Ireland, among several others. In addition, some male figures will appear, among which the one of Paul Gross like the president of the United States.

y the last man fx hulu star+

Yorick is the only man who survived the virus. (IMDb)

In this context, it should be noted that the show will have a lot of gender perspective. In addition to the idea of ​​presenting a society ruled by women who have to deal with reality after the disease that wiped out mammals with a Y chromosome, Clark anticipated that there will be trans characters. In dialogue with the Television Critics Association confirmed that there will be some that will be male, others female, and also non-binary.

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