Yahaira Plasencia defends herself for only having paid S / 150 of S / 20 thousand in civil reparation to Olenka Mejía

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After reappearing on television as a participant in “The Artist of the Year”, Yahaira Plasencia He spoke about the civil compensation that he must pay after losing the lawsuit that his ex-sister-in-law, Olenka Mejía, filed for aggravated defamation.

The sauce boat admitted that it has only paid S / 150 of the S / 20,000 indicated by the judge in the sentence that favored the ex-partner of his brother ‘Yorch’, after she attacked him for depositing this amount that he described as ridiculous.

“The corresponding payments are being made” said in statements to América Espectáculos and defended himself of not having canceled the total because the concerts “It has not been fully reactivated”, reason why you would not be receiving income.

In 2018, Olenka Mejía decided to sue Yahaira Plasencia for having expressed erroneous comments against her and requested a civil compensation of S / 100,000 for damaging his honor and good reputation.

This is because The sauce boat came out in defense of her brother due to an accusation made by the model referred to the alimony of the child they have in common.

After three years of legal conflict, in June of this year, the Twelfth Lima Court decided to agree with Jorge Plasencia’s ex-partner and handed down a judgment in his favor.

“You will not be able to leave the country without prior notice, you will have to sign every month for a year and you will also pay the civil compensation before the end of 2021”, Mejía said after learning of the ruling.

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