Yahaira Plasencia met up with Nesty after ampay where they looked affectionate and didn’t even look at him | VIDEO

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Yahaira Plasencia and Nesty met again at a Telethon event and despite the fact that a few weeks ago they were captured very affectionate, what caught our attention this time was that both singers did not even look at each other’s faces.

It all happened last Wednesday at a press conference in whichannounced a concert of salsa and cumbia for next Saturday, November 6 at the Jockey Plaza in order to raise funds for the San Juan de Dios Clinic.

The salsa boat and the Cuban are part of the lineup of artists who will participate in the show along with César Vega, Cielo Torres, Kate Candela, N’Samble, Zaperoko, Gaby Zambrano, among other artists who have already confirmed their presentations.

But while they were in the venue where the show was launched, they did not say hello or speak and Yahaira seemed to ignore Nesty, despite the fact that a few weeks ago she looked very comfortable kissing his neck.

Speaking to the “Mujeres Al Mando” program, Yahaira Plasencia was very concise when talking about her relationship with Mayra Goñi’s ex. “Super good, we are friends, everything is very good (…) Yes of course we greet each other upstairs. (Each one in his things) because I am in my things and he in his “, said.

While Nesty was more comfortable talking about Plasencia and reaffirmed that he wants to collaborate with her. “I would very much like to have her on my album, on which I am working, of salsa (…)” With Yahaira, with Daniela (Darcourt) I would also like to do something “, said.

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