Yailin, Anuel AA’s New Girlfriend, Painted her Hair Blue as Karol G

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Anuel AA and his new girlfriend, Yailin, do not stop being in the headlines of numerous media and is that every day they give a lot to talk about since they made their relationship public and through social networks, they show signs of affection.

On this occasion, netizens do not stop commenting on the new look of the singer’s girlfriend, as she appeared in a Tik Tok video doing a sensual dance, but with her hair painted blue, just like Karol G.

While dancing on her back moving her tail twerking, Yailin shows off her long hair in blue, as the Colombian singer has been using for months.

According to what can be read on social networks, netizens say that she wants to look like her boyfriend’s ex-partner, known as “La Bichota”.

“Blue as Carolina’s hair”, “Hahaha and that blue hair, he copied someone”, “Even with the hair you want to be Karol”, “It was better Karol G”, “Why the blue hair, very original… Looks like someone out there,” “And that blue hair? Is it serious?” his followers wrote to him in the video he also posted on his Instagram.

But this is not the only thing that her followers’ comment, since this week the influencer shared in her stories of the social network that she had undergone a new cosmetic surgery to mark her abdomen, so she immediately raised comments against her about that even in the body she wants to be like the interpreter of “Ay Dios Mío”.

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However, Anuel AA shows that these comments keep him careless and on the contrary, he is giving himself a new opportunity in love with the Dominican. This was made clear by sending her a spectacular gift to the room of the clinic where she was hospitalized for her recovery.

People disguised as teddy bears bringing him giant arrangements of roses interrupted in the room to cheer up Yailin. One of the bouquets had a letter that read: “I love you, att: AA”.

She herself was the one who shared the detail of Anuel expressing: “Without words, thank you for making me so happy in such a short time ENMAA!”.

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