Yak-18T, the Russian light aircraft with an engine derived from the presidential limousine Aurus, is now ready to fly

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The Yak-18T light aircraft, equipped with an engine created on the basis of the Aurus, the luxury car developed in Russia and used by the country’s president, Vladimir Putin, has successfully passed the tests that will precede its flight. informs RIA Novosti.

As reported by the press service of the Central Institute for the Construction of Aircraft Engines, the tests, which were carried out at an aerodrome for light aviation, consisted of “start-up, mode operation control, engine acceleration and static traction measurement. of the airplane “, after which the Yak-18T carried out a series of races and flights of short duration.

In addition, it is reported that during testing the engine showed stable operation and the ability to provide the necessary flight characteristics. According to estimates, this type of engine can be used to equip light, sports and training aircraft due to its compact size and maximum performance power.

Earlier, it was announced that the first Aurus-powered aircraft will undergo the first flight tests in late 2021 or early 2022.

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