Yasak Elma’s: 5 Explosive Events of the Week on Turkish Soap Opera Only on Antenna 3 Spain

Yasak Elma’s: 5 Explosive Events of the Week on Turkish Soap Opera Only on Antenna 3 Spain

The Turkish soap opera “Original Sin” has become a favorite of the Antena 3 audience. Not only has the story captivated viewers, but the shocking revelations in every episode keep them on the edge of their seats. Here’s what to expect in the upcoming episodes that will air from May 22 to May 26, 2023.

1. Yildiz and Ender’s plan to destroy Kemal and Zehra’s engagement

Yildiz is not pleased to hear about Kemal and Zehra’s engagement, so she decides to organize a party to make him meet another woman. Ender, on the other hand, plans to intoxicate Zehra until she can’t stand, making her believe that she is with someone else, but these plans fail.

So, the enemies team up to convince Zehra to call off her engagement due to her closeness to Irem. The battle begins, and this alliance between Yildiz and Ender is dangerous for Kemal and Zehra’s relationship.

2. Zeynep’s Revenge Against Alihan

Zeynep wants to take revenge on Alihan, so she starts a fake relationship with Dündar, introducing him as her boyfriend to her friends. She decides to confess to Yildiz about the truth.

3. Alihan Confesses His Feelings to Zeynep

Alihan regrets marrying Ender, and Zeynep breaks down seeing them as a family. The two protagonists are unable to express their true feelings for each other, but Alihan manages to organize a beautiful romantic gesture by singing an emotional song for Zeynep.

4. Kemal and Zehra Secretly Get Married

Kemal reveals Yildiz and Ender’s plan and surprises everyone by revealing that he has already secretly married Zehra.

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5. Yildiz Is Left Alone

Ender confesses to Irem that he had allied with her to destroy Yildiz’s marriage. The girl Yilmaz is left completely alone as Kemal doesn’t even support her anymore.

“Original Sin” airs from Monday to Friday on the Antena 3 signal at 5:30 p.m. (Spain time). To enjoy the programming via streaming, you can subscribe to the ATRESplayer Premium platform. The show features a star-studded cast, including Sevda Erginci as Zeynep, Eda Ece as Yildiz, Sevval Sam as Ender, Talat Bulut as Halit, Onur Tuna as Alihan, Şafak Pekdemir as Zehra, Ilber Kaboğlu as Erim, and Ayşegül Çınar as Lila.

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