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‘Yellowstone’ Emotional Premiere: Does John Dutton Die?

Yellowstone is returning for its final episodes. Fans have endured a long wait for the latter half of Season 5. The delay was so extensive that the show’s main star, Kevin Costner, decided not to wait any longer and exited the series. Nevertheless, fans should be prepared for an emotionally charged premiere, according to one of the show’s stars.

Ian Bohen, who portrays Ryan on Yellowstone, recently hinted that viewers should brace themselves for some intense moments when the series makes its comeback on Paramount+.

Bohen took to Instagram to share his excitement, urging fans to “clear your calendar” and to be ready with tissues. His post featured a promo revealing the final premiere date, but without any additional footage—only the show’s logo amidst some flames.

Ian Bohen in Yellowstone | YouTube

“Clear your calendar. Grab your tissues. Send the youngins off to your sister’s house. It’s gonna get real western around here,” wrote Ian Bohen regarding the show’s return. His words suggest that the forthcoming episodes will be particularly emotional, hinting at potential tragic events, possibly even the death of John Dutton.

The likely demise of Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, seems inevitable now. With Costner having officially departed from the show, the narrative appears to be heading towards explaining his absence through his character’s death.

Previously, when Costner initially took a break from the show, he expressed his willingness to return briefly to film scenes that would conclude his character’s arc appropriately. However, this offer faced criticism, with some accusing him of wanting to limit his workdays. In truth, Costner aimed to ensure a fitting end for John Dutton.

Since then, Costner confirmed he would not return for the final episodes, which are now filming. Additionally, Costner stated he won’t be participating in any future projects associated with the Yellowstone franchise. This development obligated Taylor Sheridan, the showrunner, to find a narrative exit for John Dutton, likely through his death.

The final episodes of Season 5 are set to premiere on November 10, 2024, on Paramount+, and fans are eager to see how the story concludes.

What are your thoughts on Yellowstone‘s return and the potential end of John Dutton? Share your expectations for the final episodes in the comments below.

Source: TVShowsAce