Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers: Shocking Deaths May Follow Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers

Yellowstone, Yellowstone, Yellowstone… the smell of Yellowstone is mixing with the air as the series is back with a brand new season. Kevin Costner’s hit show, “Yellowstone” has finally return last Sunday and the fans are showering their love on the new episodes. 

Though the new season started at a slow pace introducing us to want actually happen in the gap, the second episode eventually picked up the pace. While the first episode was not so dramatic, Taylor Sheridan’s pinch of drama in episode 2 captivated the attention of the fans. 

So, what actually happened in Yellowstone season 5 episodes 1 and 2, and what are all these events hinting to? Here are some sizzling hot Yellowstone season 5 spoilers that reveal some major deaths are incoming!! 

WARNING: You are going to step into the land of the Duttons “YELLOWSTONE.” 

Yellowstone Is Back With A Blast!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers

Before we dive into the latest venture of Yellowstone, let’s get a quick sneak peek of what happened in the last season. 

In Yellowstone season 4, we saw, John Dutton does not die after getting a huge bullet wound. Monica manages to survive after getting choked. Beth survives after getting blown down. Kayce starts the deadly rampage. Jimmy becomes a man. Jamie turns to a Daddy. Jamie gets the biggest shock of his life – His Daddy was the one who hired killers to bring bad times to the Duttons. 

Now, it’s Jamie vs the Dutton family. Beth manipulates Jamie to encounter his biological father. Beth unethically adopts Carter. Tension develops between Monica and Kayce. The fire of revenge is burning in the heart of Jamie.  Beth is ready to risk everything she has to protect his family and close ones. Romantic tension develops between Beth and Rip. 

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A lot of drama, right? That is what makes Yellowstone a major hit!! So, now it’s time to 10x the drama, the action, and the thrill as Yellowstone is back with its latest season. What happens next? Here are some crazy Yellowstone season 5 spoilers that we bet will make you swoon!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers – What Happened In Episodes 1 & 2?

John Dutton Is The New Governor Of Montana!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers

Ya, we know this news may not have surprised you. This was expected from what happened in the last few seasons. Moreover, the season 5 trailer also made it clear that John will grab the chair of the Governor. 

However, one thing that confused the fans was how he was going to save his Ranch, stepping in as the Governor. Well, that’s pretty much clear now. He now has a master plan to protect his state. He will drive back all the outsiders to where they belong to. Moreover, he will further craft a bridge of policies and regulations that will prevent them from further interference. 

Will John’s master plan work? What do you think? Tell us in the comment box. 

Monica loses her baby!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers

Yellowstone season 5 picks up the story post 8 months of where season 4 left us. We know this because, at the climax of season 4, Monica was pregnant and now at the start of season 5, she reveals that she has only a few weeks in her hands before the baby sees the light of the world. 

While Monica was excited about the baby, the creators have a different plan. As episode 2 of Yellowstone season 5 starts, we see Kayce has got a group of horse thieves red-handed. He calls Monica to inform her that he won’t be back that night. However, Monica drops a major shock, both for Kayce and the viewers. 

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She reveals that she urgently needs to go to the hospital as the pain is unbearable. Kayce quickly summons an ambulance. Meanwhile, Monica and Tate drive off to the hospital. Though till now, the drama was missing from the plot, Taylor Sheridan added a bucket of drama in this scene. In an incredible rush, Monica and Tate’s vehicle crashed with another car, and BOOM!! 

Next, the scenes shift to the hospital where Tate reveals with a warm heart that the baby has died in Monica’s womb and he wants Kayce to make another baby soon. But is Monica alright? 

Well, the good news is she is completely fine. Though the accident was severe, she managed to escape the scene through the windshield absorbing multiple minor injuries. So, what will be Kayce and Monica’s future now? 

Jamie’s Role In The Dutton Family Is Under Scrutinization

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers


Right from the time Jamie killed his biological father, it was clear that the man is now a bloody puppet of Beth. She will go on to capitalize her powers on Jamie and will use him to get her work done. 

However, we are aware that Jamie is a complete schemer. No matter what happens he will cope with the situation and escape from it. With Beth’s blackmailing intentions over his head, do you think Jamie will kneel down to the Dutton family or he will fight back to overpower them? 

Sarah Atwood Will Be The Perfect Match To Beth Dutton 

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers

Yes! You heard it right! When it comes to ruthlessness and boldness, the only female character we have seen dominating the show is Beth Dutton. But now, it seems that the creators are trying to shift the audience’s eyeballs to someone else. 

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Sarah Atwood may be the one who is capable of matching the maliciousness of Beth Dutton. In fact, when the fans first meet her, Sarah’s attitude was stunning. She tells a young male assistant that if he is staring at her just be honest and she will have sex with him, without any guilt. This teases how bold and carefree, Sarah is, much like Beth. 

She will definitely dominate the series and will also assist the Market Equities to overpower the Dutton regime. We are not sure how Taylor Sheridan will channel the capabilities of such a powerful character, but we have full faith in him. 

So, what do you think is coming in the future for these characters? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more Yellowstone season 5 spoilers, leaks, updates, and theories!! Happy Reading… 

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