“Yes, the right to unemployment”

"Yes, the right to unemployment"

The former president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has not wanted to waste the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to sneak in their partisan antics. During an act of the PSOE this Thursday against gender violence, Zapatero He has stated that “when the PP governs we have years of rights and when the PSOE governs we have years of rights.” Internet users have been quick to remind him of the economic chaos in which Spain left when he left power: «Rights? Yes, right to unemployment ».

In keeping with his Adamic personality, Zapatero has been “optimistic” and convinced that this Government is going to reach figures of fatalities close to zero. “I anticipate that this Government will practically be able to reach figures for the eradication of fatal victims of gender violence, it is my forecast, despite these unusual deniers,” said Zapatero.

Although he believes that it is a “difficult” task, Zapatero trusts that the Government can achieve it because “it is in a position to do it” as long as “Justice works and responds”, if the Police and the Civil Guard continue to work on prevention with the municipalities and if the Government makes the budgetary availability.

“The first year that we achieve that there is not a fatal victim of gender violence will be a great year, in which we move closer to a more perfect democracy,” he emphasized.

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