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Yoga teacher is bitten by an iguana in full virtual class

She never thought that during a simple yoga class in the middle of the calm sea an iguana would appear to bite her for no reason. The video turned on Twitter and immediately became viral.

And it is that a yoga teacher chose as the setting for the session the crystalline sea ​​accompanied by almost white sand. His intention was, clearly, to fill the day with positivism, since the practice of this doctrine has among its objectives to find mental and physical peace.

The teacher began the session, the fixed camera placed on the sand captured the women’s routines, who with great dexterity deployed the exercises calmly, but also with enough concentration. Apparently nothing could go wrong against the backdrop of the beautiful Bahamian waters, but that was not the case.

Suddenly, the camera captures a huge iguana approaching the teacher who, without apparent fear, without her even noticing the presence of the reptile, did not hesitate to take an accurate bite of one of her fingers.

The woman’s reaction was fright, cried out in pain and, among some flatness, you can hear say: “Ay, he bit my finger”.

After this, the iguana hurried out, but you can also see another of these animals looking attentively, very close, and then noticing that there are more. At this, the yoga teacher took some sand that she threw to scare off other reptiles.

But, in another video, the woman takes what happened with humor, making some jokes with the people who were recording it.

It is not known why iguana reaction, which are animals that do not stand out for being violent against human beings, so many Twitter users believe that one of the yoga poses made by the woman has scared or deceived the reptile, which led him to react in that way .

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