Yolanda Andrade Tearfully Denies Addiction Relapse as Cause of Health Crisis

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Yolanda Andrade recently spoke to the press after being hospitalized in Mexico. In her statement, she clarified that she did not have a relapse, denying that her crisis health was due to drugs or alcohol.

According to Andrade, she started experiencing vomiting and diarrhea, followed by a tumor-like growth on her head. However, she still does not have an official diagnosis and continues to undergo medical studies.

Despite her health troubles, Andrade remains grateful for her life. She urged everyone to appreciate the moments of miracles that can happen in life, adding that lighting someone’s candle can bring a lot of light and love.

Andrade also emphasized that she intends to return to work as soon as she recovers and respects her body’s need for a break from the recordings of the program with Montserrat Oliver.

In conclusion, Andrade’s health struggles have left her with a sense of gratitude for life’s simple blessings. She remains determined to push through and continue working as soon as she is feeling better.

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