Yolanda Andrade’s Courageous Return to Forums Amid Health Crisis

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Yolanda Andrade Updates Fans on Health and Work

Television presenter Yolanda Andrade has been keeping her followers in constant concern after she shared a video from the hospital a few weeks ago. Later, she reappeared in front of the media, stating that she did not feel well at all due to the aneurysm that was detected. However, Andrade has given great news to her fans.

Through her Instagram account, Andrade shared a live link to confirm that she is already carrying out her professional work within the Montse & Joe program. During the link she made with her partner and friend Montserrat Oliver, Andrade appeared with her right eye covered. Oliver explained that “she has a patch on her eye because she has something on her head that makes her eye bulge double and cry a lot and the light bothers her.”

Andrade went on to explain that she had a problem with her head and that she had to have her patch and some glasses. She took this moment to thank her well-wishers saying, “For all the people who have spoken to me, who have thought of me, who have prayed for me, with all my heart, I want to thank you, God bless you.” There were comments from fans regarding the supposed witchcraft that made her sick. Andrade pointed out that she had Saint Benedict and the Virgin of Guadalupe to protect her.

Finally, Andrade thanked her fans for their expressions of affection and stated that in reality, she did not look as good as she appeared in the video. She even confessed that she had been using a filter so as not to appear so bad in the image.

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There have been rumors that the television host was the subject of witchcraft, and several Internet users on social networks have mentioned the actress Veronica Castro as the possible person responsible. However, so far, none of the famous has ruled on said signaling.

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