Yolanda Andrade’s Journey to Health: A 3-Month Recovery Plan

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Yolanda Andrade Discloses Health Status

Yolanda Andrade recently spoke about her state of health to reporters after leaving the recordings of the Montse & Joe show. Despite feeling unwell at times, the television presenter is optimistic and doing everything in her power to fully recover.

The 51-year-old artist expressed her gratitude for the prayers and kind messages she has received, stating that she is moving forward and looking forward to good days. According to her neurologist, she will be fully recovered in three months.

Andrade also mentioned that her famous friends, including Kate del Castillo, Thalía, and Salma Hayek, have been in touch with her and sending their support. She even received a cloak from the Virgin of Guadalupe from a friend named Laura, along with other gifts from her circle of friends.

Regarding the suitcase containing dresses and photos of Verónica Castro, Andrade denied any knowledge of its contents. She stated that she has never lied about her relationship with Castro and that there is nothing wrong or harmful about it.

Finally, Andrade addressed rumors that her poor health may be due to witchcraft. While wearing two red bracelets, she joked that she wasn’t sure if they were for bad vibes but that she had been given many home remedies to help her feel better.

In conclusion, Yolanda Andrade remains optimistic about her health and is grateful for the support and kindness shown to her during this time.

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