Yolanda Díaz does not share the extension of the pension calculation period

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Yolanda Díaz does not share the extension of the pension calculation period

The second vice president of the Government of Spain and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, said on Monday “not to share” the proposal to extend the calculation period to calculate the pension, which would mean raising it from the current 25 years to 30 years, considering it “a hardening” of access to retirement benefit and a “cut in rights”.

This was expressed by Díaz in a brief meeting with the media in Guadalajara (Mexico), where he participates in the International Book Fair.

“The extension of the calculation of the regulatory base to 30 years is a hardening in access to retirement that we cannot share, we have said it on many occasions,” he said.

Díaz recalled that the calculation period in Spain “was initially eight years, then extended to 15 years and with the new law, which would come into force in 2027, it was extended to 25 years.”

“Extending it to 30 years is certainly a tightening of access to retirement pensions (…) We are making changes in the labor market that advance in the recovery of rights. This is not recovering rights, it is cutting rights,” he stressed.

Díaz commented on the proposal of the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security, which has proposed on Monday to the social agents an extension of the calculation period to calculate the pension that will mean raising it from the current 25 years to 30 years, being able to choose the best 28 years.

According to sources from the Ministry led by José Luis Escrivá, the change “would be carried out progressively” and would be accompanied by an improvement in the treatment of contribution gaps for women and also for men whose contribution career has been reduced after having a child, in line with the operation of the gender gap complement.


On the other hand, the vice president said that it is a “real honor and pleasure” to participate in the FIL, a fair that she described as “the most important Spanish-speaking cultural event in the world.”

“Mexico is not only a brother country, but with which we have a principal debt. I have been fortunate to be with the Spanish community in Guadalajara. I want to thank this country for the reception it had, that great radial of luminosity, to welcome the republican exile, “he added.

Diaz, who will participate tomorrow Tuesday in a colloquium on governance in the literary contest, will be in Mexico City on Wednesday, where he will meet with the head of government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum.

He will also hold a meeting with the Mexican Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde.

Asked about the statements at the beginning of the year by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who asked for a “pause” in relations with Spain, Díaz remarked that Mexico “is a brother country.”

“It unites us much more than it can distance us,” he said.

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