Yomawari 3, the horror game from Nippon Ichi Software, releases a new trailer: will the game arrive in Europe?

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If you like horror games, and beyond the best known sagas or the most popular and traditional indies, you probably know the franchise Yomawari. Created by Nippon Ichi, the same developers behind franchises like Disgaea or Atelier Iris, this IP surprised both players and critics for a proposal that, with a minimalist style, offered some of the great signs of gender identity.

From a sublime setting, to a game structure that reminded us of titles like Silent Hill or Project Zero. What’s more, from the latter he inherited something very cool: the constant feeling of helplessness. Everything, seasoned with mechanics related to the flashlight that brought a lot of originality development. Today, a new trailer for the third installment arrives. Will it end up in Europe?

As they point out from NintendoSoup, the trailer Has been published on the Japanese NIS account. And even though the title is only confirmed for Japan right now, it is very likely that it will also end up reaching our territory, just like the two previous installments did. In fact, they even became available in physical format here.

In addition, The trailer points to April 21, 2022 as the release date in Japanese lands for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Regarding its content, it shows us the adventures of a young woman who has fallen into a terrible curse, and has to explore a terrifying world to find answers. Of course the great signs of identity will return of the saga.

In addition, the trailer is a good sample that the Yomawari they look much better in motion than in still images. And that has merit, considering how beautiful the images are. On the other hand, the video makes it clear that we will meet again with many monsters and spirits that will cut our way and that, everything is said in passing, they will be protagonists of some scares “free” the sea of ​​fun.

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