Yordi Rosado: the time he had to beg for his life from a guy arming in a bar in Culiacán

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The remembered companion of Adal Ramones in the disappeared “Otro Rollo”, Yordi Pink has happened to be the protagonist of his own talk show on YouTube. The Mexican driver in the last broadcast of his space told an anecdote where his life was risked after having gone to a bar in the city of Culiacán.

On “Members on Air” from YouTube, Yordi Pink revealed that a few years ago a simple dinner with a businessman could cost him his life. “We went to a place where it is dinner and there is like a party”the presenter recalled.

Rosado continued with his story and added: “We sit down, I’m having dinner, several people stop for an autograph and I start taking some photos. Suddenly I’m standing and next to me I hear a guy who says to me: ‘Yordi, what a fart!’ He lets me come in a jar and tells me: ‘I adore you, I love you.’ Of those times they are telling you and you don’t know if they are serious or are bothering you “.

Yordi Rosado remembered to remember that, for example, he can’t stand people hitting him. “I mean, I’m calm, but you’re already telling me off and I’ll turn on the cannon”. Then everything got out of control when the same fan grabbed him by the neck and caused a whole brawl.

“I keep giving autographs and again the guy throws himself at me again, he also grabbed me by the neck. And at the third time he climbs on top of a periquera. (…) The moment he falls I was extremely angry and instead of receiving him, I move, grab him by the head and throw him on the floor. He falls down and then the security officers arrive, his brothers arrive and the security officers take him and his friends out “, said.

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After all the disorder, a person approached Yordi to tell him that the same subject was waiting for him outside the establishment: “There is a problem: that guy is waiting for you outside”.

“At that moment I remember that I was in Culiacán. They tell me: ‘There is no back door. He’s in a truck waiting for you and says he’s not going to leave until you get off, and he’s armed ‘, says Yordi, who finally after waiting 3 hours at the premises decided to beg the guy for his life and ask him to forgive him for the offense.

“Of course I was scared, I was already a dad. Already at 4:30 in the morning I said: ‘I’m leaving’. I went out, put my hands together, got down almost kneeling and from above I said: ‘Forgive me, I’m an asshole’. I went downstairs: ‘Excuse me, I was very drunk.’ I approached and he said: ‘No fart, stay to fuck some chelas with me’ and I stayed for about an hour in the truck fucking some beers with them, but they didn’t kill me “Rosado finished counting.

In an interview with Omar Chaparro, the driver, Yordi Pink, he remembered how it was that they met. His beginning was not entirely pleasant, as he planned to stay in a position, which was later filled by Adal Ramones.

“I worked in a Cablevisión department at this time together with Lalo Suárez, who is a great friend and producer… I hoped that the moment they changed Lalo, that I would stay with that management. The boss calls us and says’ Hey Yordi because as you know you’ve been doing a good job and I come to tell you that a boy named Adalberto Ramones is going to stay in your management, he as manager and I would very much like him to support ‘”, he recounted.

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He also revealed why he decided to stop working with Adal Ramones after it was planned that “Otro Rollo” would stop airing on television. Yordi made the decision not to work with Ramones again, as he did not want to be “second.” Besides that at that time he was doing well with the program “Está Cañón”.

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