You Are My Spring: what happened at the end of the Netflix series

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Seo Hyun-jin and Kim Dong-wook are the leads of “You Are My Spring”, the South Korean Netflix series that premiered on July 5. The production has a 16-episode season in which they tell us a story of inspiration and healing.

“You Are My Spring” focuses on the lives of the residents of a building in which a murder occurred. Even though all the neighbors are adults, they still hold the memories of their seven-year-old self deep in their hearts, as each has their own hopes and dreams for what they want from their careers and love lives.

Kang Da-jung, a hotel manager, Joo Young-do, a psychiatrist, Chae-joon, the head of an investment company, and Ahn Ga-young, an actress, are the main characters in this story of drama and romance. which is available on the streaming platform. But how did season 1 of “You Are My Spring”? Here we tell you all the details.

Episode 16 of the first season of “You Are My Spring” begins with Da Jung feeling sad about going to San Francisco because he will be away from his partner Young-do. So before the young woman’s departure, Young Do takes her on vacation and they spend time together.

On the other hand, Eun Ha finally tells Da Jung about her relationship with Tae Joong. Tae Joong himself is Da Jung’s younger brother and Eun Ha is his best friend. In fact, Da Jung accidentally finds out about their relationship. Of course, the confession took Da Jung by surprise. Although he doesn’t ban both of them to date, he’s still not used to the situation.

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Meanwhile, actresses Ahn Ga Young and Patrick decided not to worry about the public’s opinion of their relationship. However, shortly after that, Ga Young read an article saying that Patrick would be enlisting in the military in a week. Of course, it seems that the agency did not like the relationship between the two very much. But, like it or not, Patrick had to go to the army.

On the other hand, Ian Chase finally confessed to the police all his actions and his twin, Choi Jeong Min, in the past. All Ian wanted now was for the weight on his shoulders to disappear.

This means that it appears that Ian is planning to commit suicide and end all his suffering. However, Joo Young Do, who knew Ian’s intentions, approached the man.

Young Do knows that Ian really needs help and wants him to be able to help Ian. Remembering that he was previously unable to do anything for Choi Jeong Min who finally decided to commit suicide.

Then in the footage from the last episode we see that Ian Chase finally decided to return to Canada. He received no punishment for the lack of evidence and the law governing a case similar to the one he received.

Ian’s goal is to re-undergo treatment for the mental disorders he has been suffering from. Ian still experienced hallucinations often and that was enough to upset him.

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