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Ecuador’s motto for the Ibero-American Summit: “Innovation, inclusion and sustainability”

Quito, June 16 (EFE).- “Innovation, inclusion and sustainability” is Ecuador’s motto for the pro tempore Presidency of the Ibero-American Summit 2023- 2024, reported this Friday the head of state, Guillermo Lasso.

In a presentation ceremony of the Pro Tempore Presidency, Lasso pointed out that his country “will seek to strengthen that union marked by history and common values, including freedom, democracy and respect for human rights.”

He noted that efforts will be focused on the areas of social cohesion, knowledge and innovation towards sustainable development, connectivity and ecological transition.

Integration Challenge

For his part, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Gustavo Manrique pointed out that with “pride and commitment, Ecuador undertakes the work of the pro tempore Presidency of the Ibero-American Summit” and assumes the “enormous challenge of leading regional integration.”

Assuming the pro tempore Presidency for the first time last March, he said, was not only a special satisfaction, but also an important challenge for regional integration.

He recalled that Ibero-America includes countries that share values, virtues, as well as complex contemporary challenges, “but above all, it includes sister nations with which we share an enormous capacity and willingness” to contribute to the well-being of societies.

This pro tempore Presidency will not only guide Ecuador’s commitment to the Ibero-American community, “but will invite them to jointly address emerging and urgent contemporary challenges,” he said before pointing out that they have developed a calendar that includes conferences, as well as meetings of foreign ministers , national coordinators and cooperation managers.

Among the priorities of the pro tempore Presidency of Ecuador, whose Secretariat is in charge of the Foreign Ministry, are issues related to migration, environment, production, trade, science, technology, innovation, education, sports, culture.

Among the environmental issues of interest for the XXlX Summit, which will take place in Quito in November 2024, is the one related to the “triple planetary crisis”, an issue linked to “the loss of biodiversity, pollution and environmental degradation”, he said.

“Very Strong” Community

The Chilean Andrés Allamand, Ibero-American Secretary General, recalled that when Lasso proposed to the members of the Ibero-American Community that Ecuador be the venue for the XXIX Summit, “an absolutely spontaneous, very realistic and positive consensus was generated. Everything the world understood that Ecuador had all the merits to organize this Summit”.

“This is a project that is linked to our history, with our traditions, with our institutions, with our values,” he said before recalling that the First Summit took place in Guadalajara (Mexico) in 1991. “From then on, everything It has been a positive construction, it has been possible to demonstrate that this organization, initially incipient, based on the principles of consensus, inclusion, non-intervention and harmony, could effectively become an instrument to generate what summons us: the improvement of the living situations of all the inhabitants of Ibero-America”, he said.

This “community is very strong and vigorous,” he stressed and recalled that at the recent Summit in Santo Domingo, they agreed that there should be meetings “beyond verbal expressions that are focused on people and that have tangible results.”

Among those results he mentioned the Ibero-American Charter of Principles and Rights in Digital Environments.

“There is no region of the world that has a Charter that, in some way, homogenizes the vision that is held on the digital revolution, but Latin America,” he commented, noting that the group also has an Ibero-American Environmental Charter.

Referring to the slogan of the Ecuador Summit, he highlighted innovation because the region needs to grow; inclusion because “we continue to be a very unequal region”, and sustainability due to the high biodiversity that their countries harbor.

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