You can finally put topics in the Twitter Spaces

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Twitter spaces are here to stay. It is a fact that the company saw in the Clubhouse project something to imitate and that could interest its users and little by little it is achieving it. At the moment, the function of spaces is growing little by little and now it gives it a new feature so that everyone who enters know the topic you are talking about.

New Twitter Topics

On Twitter, a lot of information moves from one place to another. Plus, the flow is so fast that in no time a hot topic can go cold or run like wildfire. But now there is more important content in the bird’s social network, and we talk about the spaces that each user can perform. We have already told you about them on occasion and they will even let you download them in case you want to upload them to another entertainment platform.

But now there is an important section that you must take into account and that is that you can choose the type of topic that you are going to deal with. All spaces deserve to have a title, whether or not you charge for them, but for Twitter is important to categorize all the content that is generated within it for several reasons.

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The first is very important and it is searches. Podcasts have become a very interesting trend with the growing arrival of users who have something to tell. But at the level of all those who want to find content, the search must be paramount and having a well-defined content is important.

The second is precisely the category, something that we see perfectly on other platforms like Twitch. YouTube’s purple and rival platform has the characteristic that it is capable of telling you which users are now broadcasting according to the content you want to see, as if they are hot tubs. Of course, on Twitter you will not have access to this content, but there will be many such as gaming, art and culture, dinosaurs and many others that you can launch.

Remember that these spaces are at the top of the application, which have replaced the content type stories that were the Fleets. It seems that no one misses them, but it helped the bird company to relocate the available space and create a new site for content that seems to be on the rise.


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