You can finally suspend the cycle in Returnal

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Repeating the cycles can be frustrating, but it is even more frustrating if the cycles are interrupted by a game or console update. Returnal, Housemarque’s latest production for PlayStation 5, finally receives one of the most requested features by gamers. Patch 2.0 not only introduces photo mode, but also allows suspend cycle to be able to resume the game without losing the progression made up to that moment.

In this way, users will have the opportunity to exit the game and turn off the console without fear that everything they have done will be lost, as was previously the case. From the official PlayStation blog, director Harry Krueger recalls, yes, that it is not a normal starting save: “Returnal will create a single use suspension point that will be erased and cannot be used again once you resume the game. You will continue directly from where you left off and, if you want to suspend the cycle again, your progress will be captured at that new point ”.

Can’t be saved anywhere

The study aims to preserve the essence of the product, which is why it has established some requirements for suspension. For example, it will not be possible to do this in boss battle, in cinematic sequences, in first person or in combat situations. “It seemed to us that there are certain moments in Returnal that are best enjoyed without interruption to preserve the challenge and rhythm we were looking for.”

As for the photo mode, it works at almost any time, except for the first-person sequences. You can control the camera, which is moved with the analog joysticks and adaptive triggers. “You can explore a few optional settings, such as focal length, aperture, saturation, or contrast. You can also use different light sources to highlight the scene and choose from a variety of filters, effects, frames, color options and much more that will give a unique touch to your captures ”, adds Krueger.

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Returnal is an exclusive title developed for PS5.

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