You can get over your Split role: James McAvoy starred in a movie without reading the script

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If we talk about talented actors of the last decades, James McAvoy He is someone who cannot be missing from the list, since more than once he has shown his versatility on the big screen. Kevin Wendell Crumb’s role in Split, interpreting multiple facets of a single person, but maybe he can be surpassed by his next character as he had the difficult task of improvising everything.

The movie in question is My Son, directed by Christian Carion, which will be a remake of the 2017 French film The search, also by the same director. It was officially announced in October 2020, where Adam Fogelson, president of STXfilms Motion Picture Group advanced: “James will do the detective work on the film in real time, in front of the camera, to create real tension for this thriller”.

In addition to McAvoy, Claire Foy He also joined the main cast, which headed to Scotland in November last year to set up the recording set there. Unlike the interpreter of Charles Xavier in the later tapes of X-Men, the actress did have a script with all the lines that she had to relate, which was why it attracted attention at the time of the feature film’s announcement, although there is a reason to do it this way.

+ Why James McAvoy didn’t get a script

James He will play a man whose life is clouded by mystery after the disappearance of his only son, so he will go to the town where his ex-wife is in search of answers. As stated Deadline, he had to improvise and react to each moment as the film developed, since the intention is to represent his experiences firsthand, not knowing what they were about.

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“My Son takes audiences on a journey with Edmond Murray (McAvoy) as he returns to the town where his ex-wife (Foy) lives in search of answers. Only to find a twist and confusion when it soon becomes clear that his son was kidnapped. Desperately searching for answers, Murray’s life is clouded by the mysteries that the public discovers as quickly as he does. “, notes its official synopsis. It will premiere on September 15 through the US platform Peacock.

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