You can now enter the Clubhouse even if you are not invited

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With practically all social networks copying from it – as happened a few years ago with Snapchat – Clubhouse maintains its status as the most viral and elitist new social network of the moment. Viral because its system, which is something like a Twitter but changing text messages for audios, is being cloned by Instagram, by Facebook, by Telegram, etc. Elitist because you can only enter by invitation.

By invitation only

According to its authors, this is motivated because “SWe have always taken a measured approach to growth, keeping the team small, building in public, and getting feedback from the community along the way. When communities grow too fast, things can break down. That is why we started Clubhouse on a single platform and have gradually expanded through an invitation model. “

If at the beginning of last May we learned that Clubhouse, until now exclusive to iOS, was already in tests for Android, just 2 months later the beta state has ended, because Clubhouse has already been released open for everyone.

Goodbye to the elitism of invitations

But all that is history, because you can join Clubhouse right now even if you have not been invited by anyone to an event. The application withdraws its invitation policy, and Clubhouse now works as a normal social network: You download it, make an account, and use it. The app has come out of the Beta state and now you can download a stable version, as announced on its blog – along with its new logo.

To join their community:

1- Download Clubhouse Android O Clubhouse iOS

2- Launch the app, it will ask you a phone number to register, confirm your account and search your contact list for those who are already on your platform

3- After registering the phone, Clubhouse will send you a code by SMS

4- Enter the code

5- Choose your Username

6- Choose who of your contacts in Clubhouse you want to follow


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