You can now know who has read a message in a Telegram group

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There is always debate when we talk if it is better Telegram than WhatsApp as a messaging application. The truth is that everyone can have their own opinion, but the truth is Telegram has certain functions that WhatsApp does not offer us and vice versa, so it depends on tastes and preferences. In this sense, one of the things that Telegram users who came from using WhatsApp were missing, surely it was power see who has read your messages in a group. Fortunately, the hours are numbered, since Telegram has already included this function in the latest beta version of the application.

This long-awaited new feature discovered by a Reddit user and some screenshots of what this option will look like have been provided. Specifically, with this novelty it will be possible to see exactly who of all the members of a Telegram group has read a specific message.

Now available in the beta of Telegram for Android

Now, taking into account the large number of users that can be part of the same group, as indicated by the follow-up comments, it seems that Telegram will limit this function to users. groups with less than 50 members to avoid that the lists of users who have read a message are endless.

This function will reach both the web version and the Telegram app and can be seen by always clicking the right mouse button on a message, when we are on the PC, or by long pressing on the message if we are using the app on our Android mobile.

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At the moment, the first opinions about this new function that allows knowing who has read a specific message within a Telegram group are quite divided. Some users have already received the news with open arms because it took years for this function to reach the messaging app, but there is another group of users who would not receive it very well if it is not something that can be disabled via configuration settings. Perhaps, many may think that it is something that can invade our privacy and that they prefer that the rest of the members of a group cannot know whether or not they have read the messages.

Although the function is already in the beta of Telegram, there is still no date for the arrival to the stable version of the application. So far, if you have an Android mobile, you can now download the beta version and start testing it.


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