You can now reserve the roscón de Reyes from Dabiz Muñoz: where and how to do it

You can now reserve the roscón de Reyes from Dabiz Muñoz: where and how to do it

Dabiz Muñoz is one of the most recognized Spanish chefs nationally and internationally. Specializing in avant-garde cuisine, its DiverXO restaurant has three Michelin stars. This 2021 he has been awarded by the list ‘The Best Chef Awards’ as the best chef in the world. In the same way as in 2020, Dabiz Muñoz has launched a roscón de Reyes that are a real delight.

It’s not actually one roscón, but two. Two varieties that can only be purchased with prior reservation for Christmas Eve and Christmas (December 24 and 25), New Year’s Eve and New Year (December 31 and January 1) and Kings (January 6).

This is the new roscón de Reyes by Dabiz Muñoz

One of the varieties is specially designed for lovers of sweet. It is a cocoa roscón, filled with salted caramel chantilly cream and covered with toffee, almond crumble and chocolate cookie crumbs..

The other variety is an opened roscón, filled with blackberry and violet chantilly cream, covered with almond crumble, frosted ginger, ruby ​​chocolate and hibiscus..

The two roscones de Reyes are worth the same (39 euros) and include a little surprise inside. Each weighs about a kilo, so they can eat 8 or 10 people.

Reserve and purchase

Roscones can only be purchased with prior reservation at the El Corte Inglés Gourmet Club. The order can be made for the following dates:

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas: The roscones that are ordered for Christmas Eve can be collected on December 23 and 24.
  • New Years Eve and New Years: December 30th and 31st.
  • Reyes: January 4th and 5th.

Being a perishable product, the reserves are 100% firm. Therefore, if you order your roscón de Reyes from Dabiz Muñoz and then you are not going to pick it up, they will not refund the amount.

The reservation is only available for collection in store, not for home delivery by El Corte Inglés. Now, if you need to receive it at home, you can use a service such as Cabify or Glovo to pick up the order at El Corte Inglés and take it to you.

Dabiz Muñoz is giving everything this Christmas, and has also created four nougat: one with roscón de Reyes, another with Cristina Pedroche’s cheesecake, another with peace of popcorn and another with milk with cereals. All are for sale at El Corte Inglés.

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