You did not know! Tom Hardy’s hidden role in Venom 2

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Tom Hardy left a great impression on the original installment of Venom, acting as Eddie Brock and the extraterrestrial symbiont which gives the film its name. Although the criticism of the film resulted in conflicting voices, everyone agreed that the interpreter is one of the high points of the film. Perhaps that is why the producer was encouraged to give the character a second chance and develop Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage.

The next entry in the symbiote series will introduce one of the most feared villains in the Spider-Man universe: Carnage. In this case interpreted by Woody Harrelson. Fans can’t wait to see the clash between the antihero and his enemy.

Tom Hardy’s secret role in Venom 2

The commitment of Tom Hardy with the project it is absolute. So much so, that the screenwriter Kelly Marcel She explained how the actor helped her develop the story for the sequel. “He doesn’t write with a pen. We spent months on FaceTime exchanging ideas, seeing what worked and what didn’t. Then I took all the conclusions and wrote the script. It is not new that he is that committed. He is 100% willing” , Marcel stressed.

This unknown facet of Tom Hardy it will mean you get the credit as to the story of the movie, a new role for him. Although doing some memory we can highlight that he co-created the TV series Taboo and co-wrote the short film Get a Grip.

Venom 2 will show how Eddie Brock tries to live a normal life with his symbiote until he arrives Cletus Kassady, a serial killer who is about to be executed when he is saved by another symbiote, even more deadly than Venom: ¬°Carnage! It will be Eddie’s mission to stop this new threat. The film will hit theaters in September this year.

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