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You have the most terrifying Halloween looks in Lefties

Halloween it has become a completely international party. Although in Spain it is not as important or celebrated as the All Saints Day of November 1, the truth is that all the fashion firms offer these days collections dedicated to the festival of the 31 October so if you are looking for clothes for this day, nothing like knowing the proposals of Lefties, which offers us the most terrifying Halloween looks.

You have the most terrifying Halloween looks in Lefties

Many are the people who dress up on Halloween, but if you do not want to dress up but want to celebrate it, you can take advantage of the special Lefties collection to wear the appropriate garments. You may also want to dress according to Halloween in the days leading up to October 31 so nothing like gambling on looks that we now show you.

Halloween sweatshirt

Lefties is filled with the spirit of Halloween with garments that feature colors and patterns that are always related to this holiday. One of the main garments is this sweatshirt with motifs of pumpkins, the fruit that most represents Halloween and that the firm also proposes to combine with black jeans or joggers of the same color as well as boots or sports shoes. The price of the sweatshirt is € 12.99 (Sizes S-XL).

Frankenstein sweatshirt

Halloween Lefties

Halloween is the perfect time to watch horror movies like Frankenstein to which Lefties dedicates this sweatshirt that we can combine with simple straight jeans and ankle boots. The price of this sweatshirt is 15,99 € (Tallas S-XL).

“Trick or Treat” T-shirt

Halloween Lefties

One of the main activities of Halloween that is celebrated in the United States is to play “trick or treating” that consists of asking for sweets from door to door. In Lefties you have a black t-shirt that has that phrase but in English “Trick or treat” and that the firm presents us combined with skinny jeans and track sole ankle boots that are now a trend. A t-shirt that It costs € 5.99 (Sizes XS-L).

Bitelchús T-shirt

Halloween Lefties

T-shirt dedicated to the character of Bitelchús or in his original name Beetlejuice. A short t-shirt model that we can combine black jeans and ankle boots. Its price is 9,99 € (Tallas S-XL).

Total Look negro de Halloween

Halloween Lefties

Finally a total look completely in black to celebrate Halloween in a special way thanks to Lefties. A black sweatshirt with a “Happy Halloween” print, faux-leather leggings, and lace-up ankle boots with zippers. The sweatshirt costs € 12.99, pants € 6.99 and boots € 22.99.

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