Young & Hungry Season 6: Cancelled or Renewed? Know the Details

Young & Hungry is one of the flagship sitcom series streaming on Freeform. It stars a royal cast, and its storyline has impressed the audience a lot. The makers released its first season in 2014, on the 25th of June, on ABC Network. Following its enormous popularity, the creator, David Holden, decided to renew it for the next four seasons.

The series released its last episode (fifth) on the 20th of June, 2018, and since then, there has been no update about the renewal of the show. After its previous season, the fans have been heavily worried about whether or not they will get to watch the subsequent season.

The answer to this question remains under wraps. Read below to know whether or not the sixth season of Young & Hungry will be released.

What is Young & Hungry all About?

Young & Hungry is a sitcom series that follows the story of Gabi Diamond, a culinary blogger who becomes a personal chef of a billionaire tech entrepreneur, Josh Xander Kaminski. However, the relationship between them doesn’t remain just professional, for the two develop feelings for each other. It deepens the plot and brings a lot of drama and funny moments that the audience would love to watch.

Gabi and Josh also strive to persuade everyone that their feelings will not jeopardize their new friendship with extras.

Will Young & Hungry be renewed for Season 6?

Although there was much scope for the story to be renewed after the fifth season finale, the current status of the show remains canceled.

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After its fifth season, Freeform announced its cancellation, putting all the fans of the show into mourning. The cliffhanger ending made fans hopeful that the makers would renew the season after its fifth installment. However, Freeform gave a cold shoulder.

Some fans are still eyeing Netflix as the OTT channel takes the charge of renewing hit shows. But as of now, there are no updates on its renewal.

Who Were Cast in Young & Hungry?

The cast had many pretty faces, and since the release of its very first season, the audience fell in love with each one of them. Take a look at the cast of Young & Hungry.

  • Jonahthan Sadowski as Josh Kaminski
  • Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond
  • Kym Whitley as Yolanda
  • Rex Lee as Elliot Park
  • Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez, and others.

If the sixth season is happening, we may see these faces and some new ones too.

What Happened in the Finale Episode of the Fifth Season?

The makers gave its fifth season a cliffhanger ending. Gabi proposes to Josh and invites him to join her in Seattle. Alex, the Iron Chef, will be her boss. Throughout the season, the remaining crew, Elliot and Yolanda, are seen battling with the New York dynamic with Gabi as the ‘Lady of the House.” Sofia and Gabi’s closest friend seems to be the third wheel. It ended with a new marriage on the horizon, and she embarks on her love adventure.

Why Did the Makers Cancel the Sixth Season?

There was a reason why the channel decided not to move ahead with the next season of the show. Initially, Young & Hungry gathered immense love from the audience and critics alike. However, with every subsequent season, the ratings seemed to be dropped.

If the ratings of Young & Hungry are taken into consideration, it has always received mixed reviews, especially from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of the show holds a rating of 43 percent, with an average rating of only 4.9/10. Another website, Metacritic, entertains poor ratings, where the average ratings of 5 critics put it at 48/100.

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It seems that the reason for the makers to not work on the sixth season was legit.

Some Little-Known Facts About the Series

The Show was Filmed in Front of a Live Audience

Not many people know this, but Young & Hungry has been filmed in front of a live audience. The practice was carried over from live theatre. The actors enjoyed working, and the audience enjoyed seeing them too. According to the cast, the presence of a live audience helped them to gauge their reaction, thus enabling them to further optimize their performance.

Acting and performing in front of a live audience also increased the scope to improvise.

The Show had Many Nominations

Despite the mixed reviews from the critics, Young & Hungry received many nominations. Sadly, it did not win a single award.

The series was nominated for a People’s Choice Award, an Imagen Foundation Award, and two Teen Choice Awards in 2016.

It Featured Many Famous Guests Stars

Young & Hungry has had several famous guest stars. You will catch a glimpse of them as you watch them. For instance, you will see Betty White making an appearance as Ms. Wilson, one of Gabi’s neighbors who gave her some romantic advice. You will also spot Ashley Tisdale in the role of a magazine writer who goes on a date with Gabi. Interestingly, Tisdale is the producer of the show. Another guest star you will spot is Kylie Minogue, who shows up as a tech reporter.

The Show has Inspired a Spin-Off

Not many people are aware, but Young & Hungry has come close to inspiring a spin-off of its own. It is called Young & Sofia. As the name suggests, this spin-off would have been about Gabi’s roommate Sofia Rodriguez, a banking intern, and Gabi’s best friend.

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Unfortunately, the spin-off had been just a plan, and nothing like this ever picked up.

Where Can I Watch Young & Hungry

There is confusion about the release of the sixth season. While some fans have given up hope, others assume it may have its sixth season. In the meantime, you can watch the previous seasons. They are available to stream on fuboTV. You can also rent or purchase subscriptions on your mobile phones to watch it.

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