Young man convicted of crimes four times and suspended from school graduates from college

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Deandria Thomas, a young woman from the United States who was convicted of committing crimes up to four times, suspended from school and with everything against her, showed that it is never too late to start over and her history made viral on social media like Twitter announcing that he had graduated with full honors from Langston University, in the state of Oklahoma. Do you want to know its history? Here we tell you everything.

Through her Twitter account, the same young woman made a publication, where she showed before and after images, with a short text that described how hard it was to reach the goal. “4x Offender to Dean of the list of graduates. Suspended 2 times from school to 2 grades “, Thomas wrote.

Thomas’s tweet, made on May 14, received more than 185 thousand interactions in just a few days, with endless comments and congratulations. And it was not for less since despite the adversities and mistakes made by the young woman from Oklahoma, she overcame and managed to graduate.

“For those who think that some guys can’t go forward after being knocked down, meet Deandroa Thomas ! She can tell you how to do it. Congratulations, Deandria !! “wrote one of the Twitter users who congratulated Thomas on the achievement.

“I’m so proud of her even though I have no idea who she is! This is the definition of growth and hopefully anyone who is going through bad times will realize that it’s never too late. So inspiring. Take advantage of your potential and become the best version of yourself. Congratulations!”, another user wrote to him for graduating with honors from college.

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“You are what people originally inspired Orange is the New Black. People wanted to see someone like you really exist! Making the world go round! Incredible superpowers! ”, was another of the reactions generated by the tweet of the now graduate.

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