Young man fulfills the dream of a man who took care of him as a child: It didn’t matter if it rained or not, he came to visit me

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On social networks, specially in Facebook, Henry Mutebe’s gesture has moved millions of users. The young African surprised Wilson Dhabangi, who took care of him as a child, with a dream trip. In addition, the Ugandan plans to build him a house and provide an education for his grandchildren.

When Henry Mutebe lost his father in infancy (1996), his mother enrolled him in an elementary school that operated as a boarding school. She could visit him, but she almost never did, since she worked all day so that her little son would not lack anything.

Upon learning of this situation, Wilson Dhabangi, a worker in the community where Henry lived, decided to visit him as a surprise. Since then, the two have formed a very special relationship. The man even became a father figure to the young man.

“The first Sunday he visited me became the beginning of many more visits that spanned three years. He was old, he wore worn sneakers, he had no shoes, and he wore the same shirt. All the children at school knew him as my father. “Henry noted through his Facebook account.

In the midst of their conversations, Henry was struck by a detail that Wilson, 73, always mentioned as if it were a frustrated dream: travel by airplane. “He told me that if I worked hard and listened to the teachers, I would fly in airplanes and travel to different places. He said that if he was successful, even people like him who never received an education might get a chance to fly. For some reason, he always emphasized the issue of flying, ”he recalled.

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So now that he’s a grown-up and successful in life, Henry met with his mentor to fulfill his wish without telling him where they were going: he took him on a plane trip to Nairobi. “I finally broke the news to him. Wilson cried and my heart sank “he commented.

However, it wasn’t all there. Henry started a donation drive in Uganda to finish building Wilson’s house. In addition, he announced that he intends to finance the education of Dhabangi’s grandchildren.

“It may not help your children directly, as they are all adults with their own homes, so my goal is to educate your children, who are the grandchildren of Dhabangi.Mutebe pointed out.

For his part, Wilson Dhabangi was moved by the surprise of the young Ugandan. “I have been on airplanes for some time, but I have not felt as happy as today”, Held.

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