Young man graduates as an engineer and dedicates it to his mother for helping him get ahead thanks to his street position

A new history of overcoming has invaded the social networks after a young Mexican named Enrique Zapata Reyes has published in his Facebook a couple of photographs with his mother, accompanied by a description loaded with sentimentality and gratitude because he had received his engineering degree thanks to that woman who always fought against adversity in order to see her son fulfilled.

Even though the economic conditions were not always the best, this fighting woman never gave up and, through a street clothing stall, got her son to study a professional career with all the expenses that this could represent such as food, mobility, work tools and others.

Precisely in its viral publication, Enrique Zapata He highlighted all the efforts of his mother in the position that he works and recalled those occasions when sales were minimal and that the exact money was obtained for transport or some implements that were needed at a certain time.

In his message, this boy also wanted to give some thanks to all the people who have ever bought in his mother’s position because they are also an important part of the professional growth he has had. He is aware that without those sales he may not have been able to move forward and become who he is now.

“God is very good to us. Days ago I received my degree as an Engineer and I wanted to take this photo on the flea tent with my mother. God knows how many times that sale went to trucks, supplies, books, copies, etc. Many times we sold just for transportation or a little more, but God never left us. I thank each person who bought us a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, bags or whatever because they helped me make this dream possible “, were some of his words on Facebook.

Taking advantage of his message, he wanted to end up encouraging people to buy in small local businesses so that more people can get ahead and meet their goals, just as he is doing.

“I want to invite, through this publication, that we continue to consume in local businesses. We do not know if the corn, empanada, fresh water, raffle or others, is for our future engineers, architects, doctors, teachers, etc. “the young man concluded.

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