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Young man sang on buses to pay for his career and today he graduates with medical honors – MAG.

Joel Mistokles is 33 years old, lives in San Luis, Brazil and for several years he sang on buses in order to pay for his degree and, not only that, he also graduated with honors in medicine on February 18. its history became popular in Instagram and the users of this social network were fascinated with his story.

Day to day, Joel He used public transport as his means of subsistence not to stop studying, but also to support his wife and children: “I always had the dream of being a doctor and I fought for that dream with the tool I have, which is music. It was never easy, my wife and I always had difficulties, we had to take care of our son, but I did not give up “He declared to the G1 portal.

Seven years of sacrifice that were rewarded last Monday 18 of this month He graduated with honors as a physician, in whose ceremony his family and friends attended.

The one who was his teacher He even mentioned about the also musician: “I know everything that happened to be here today. I will revere you on behalf of everyone here to show you that dreaming is not forbidden. I congratulate you, doctor “.

The man reported that his daily routine consisted of get up every day at 4 in the morning to prepare, together with his wife, rice couscous, corn cakes, among other dishes that sold on the outskirts of the Faculty of Medicine.

After his classes, he would go on the buses to sing, but also for them to buy his records or help him with some coins after his staging: There was a day when I was sad because things were missing at home. Then I was on a bus and I started singing like I was in my room. Tears filled my face, I sang as if I was singing to God himself “.

“When I went through the turnstile, I noticed that some people were crying inside the bus. Then I thought: ‘This can only be God’. It’s not Joel. Then, I understood that I was there, on the bus, that I should start singing “, he recounted.

Nevertheless, Joel He not only made these plays to get money, but also to bring a little joy and music to hospital patients, in order to give them motivation.

Upon graduation, the 33-year-old man, husband and father aims to make your residency and begin to practice from 2022.

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