Young Willem Dafoe compared to Chris Hemsworth

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If it comes to similarities, there are two Marvel actors who could be father and son. At least that’s how they believed it in the networks, where they pointed out an incredible resemblance.

© IMDbThe actors are almost 30 years apart.

The name of Willem Dafoe will forever be one well remembered by fans of Marvel who grew up with the movies of the 2000s, before there was the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The actor who is now 66 years old embodied the Green Goblin of the movies Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire. Now, he returned to interpret the character by the hand of Jon Watts in Spider-Man: No way home, where several iconic actors from the Spiderman.

There was so much talk about Willem Dafoe, even suggesting him as a candidate for the Oscar for his work as Norman Osborn, that different publications began to emerge around him. Among them, there was a publication of Twitter made by the user @Emterthevoid where he showed an image of what the artist looked like when he was in his 20s. The image soon went viral and with it came several responses.

At that time, the account of 9Gag, known for all the memes they make, where they put him in comparison with the actor from Thor. “We thought it was Chris Hemsworth, they assured in a publication that reached almost half a million likes. The account of @Mariamsbeehive was in charge of finishing fine-tuning the resemblance: Chris Hemsworth + Brad Pitt = William Dafoe in his 20’snoted in the comments section of Instagram.

The similarities that arose with the publication of Willem Dafoe

Once a photo goes viral on the internet, everything becomes a race to see who has the most witty answer. So, comparisons with Chris Hemsworth were covered by endless resemblances that they found to Willem Dafoe in Twitter. The actor was compared to figures such as Coule Sprouse, Hayden Christensen And till Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.

If you were wondering where the images of Willem Dafoe In his youth, you came to the right place. This is a video that was uploaded to YouTube and has almost a million views, where you can see the actor in 1975 during a play presented at the Teatro X de Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where he trained as an artist long before making the leap to the big screen.

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