‘Your lie in April Season 2’ Everything You Need to Know

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We have not heard anything about one of our favorite shows, “Your Lie In April,” in recent times. Are you also curious about the most recent developments in the series? Then keep reading this article.

Your Lie in April' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

As it is a romantic drama, “Your Lie in April” has become a fan favorite, and after the first season, many fans were eager to see the program return for a second season. The series, however, has yet to be renewed, contrary to fan hopes. Your Lie in April is a film version of Naoshi Arakawa’s tragic comedy manga, which he wrote and drew. A-1 Pictures produced this adaptation of the series, aired in 2014 and followed by an OVA in 2015. The program’s plot revolves around a teenage pianist called Kosei Arima, who loses his capacity to listen to the piano when his mother passes away. Although the manga garnered a mixed response, the series as a whole was well received. Both followers and critics praised the struggle of the pianists and for the show’s innovative ideas and music.

However, fans’ wait is not quite over, as the producers have yet to give an official announcement for the forthcoming season, let us see what the chances are of it being renewed.

Is Your Lie In April Season 2 Confirmed?

While the creator has not confirmed anything about the season 2 release, some sources claim that the series could be released in the summer of 2021 or very early in January of 2022.

However, these are merely rumors. Another manga by the anime’s creator, Naoshi Arakava, titled “Farewell my dear Cramer,” has been adapted into a film and animation. This film is centered on a female football player and Naoshi was working on the same at that time. Now, the author is working on several additional mangas. However, according to certain sources, “the next task he is most likely to work on resembles Your lie in April.”

Cast Information Of Your Lie In April Season2?

Season 1’s characters were excellent, and we may expect to see them again if the narrative continues. However, several cast members are occupied with other projects, so the whole cast is unlikely to return, but we may see some of the protagonists with new faces. It is impossible to make an accurate prediction at this point in time, but you can expect the below-mentioned voice artists in the ensemble if the season is renewed. 

  • Erica Lindbeck in the voice of Kaori Miyazono
  • Erica Mendez  in the voice of Tsubaki Sawabe
  • Kyle McCarley in the voice of Ryouta Watari
  • Max Mittelman in the voice of Arima Kousei
  • Amanda C. Miller is the voice of Toshiya Miike
  • Carrie Keranen in the voice of Hiroko Seto
  • ristina Valenzuela in the voice of Koharu Seto
  • Ann Taylor in the voice of Nao Kashiwagi
  • Keith Silverstein in the voice of Kazama
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn in the voice of Yoshiko Ochiai
  • Erik Scott Kimerer in the voice of Takeshi Aiza
  • Erika Harlacher in the voice of Emi Agawa Julie
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Your Lie in April Season 2 - Manga - Plot - Cast - Streaming Platforms

The storyline of the Your Lie In April Season 2

Kosei Arima, a piano student who is well-known among all kid musicians, is the central character of Your Lie In April. He defeats all of his fellow pianists to become the greatest pianist the world has ever seen. As a consequence of this, he is a divisive character in tournaments. However, tragedy comes when his mother Saki passes away while performing at a music performance. As a result, he can no longer tolerate the sound of a piano.

Since childhood, Kosei has grown alone and become a cautious nature guy though he has had several friends. He has not played the piano in two years, and he has not even listened to anyone until a free-spirited violinist named Kaori enters his life. With the support of Kaori, Kosei reappears to the music community and falls in love with her. He, on the other hand, feels that his love is unappreciated.

Soon later, Kaori’s health begins to deteriorate, and Kosei loses a beloved one during a music concert for the second time. Kosei gets a letter from Kaori after she passes away, provided by her parents. She says that she knew she was going to die and that before she died, she wished to spread joy and bring Kosei back to the realm of music. She also admits that she has strongly adored Kosei and wants to collaborate with him on music.

The second season of Your Lie In April is likely to start from where it left the plot in season one. Fans anticipate that Kosei will continue his career in the music industry and will produce some world-class tracks later on. However, it is merely anticipation and we will get the actual essence of the storyline after the creator announces the same.

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Is There Any Trailer For Season 2 of Your Lie In April?

There is no trailer for season 2 since there has been no indication that the program will be renewed. If the season is renewed, we will only see the trailer two months before its official release. However, several fan-made teasers are flying around the internet; if you want, you may also experience the first season’s memories from those bizarre clips. 

It is no surprise that Your Lie In April is a popular and well-liked program since it has a wonderful plot filled with music, romance, pleasure, and emotions. We are equally delighted, although there have not been any clues of an official renewal yet.  

Release Schedule Of Your Lie In April Season 2

Your Lie in April began in 2014, but there has been no sign of a second season since then. The series came to a close with Kaori’s death, and the narrative was subsequently dramatized in film and musical versions. On the other hand, fans are looking forward to season 2 to watch the remainder of Kosei’s career.

According to the author, the majority of the narrative has already been settled; thus, there will be no further seasons of Your Lie In April in the near future. As a result, the program has come to an end, and it is unlikely that the creator would return for a second season unless a compelling narrative arises.

Final Thoughts Regarding Your Lie In April Season 2

Despite the lack of a second season, the first season itself is a fantastic slice-of-life anime series. To witness a romantic tragedy for the ages, watch Your Lie In April. Enjoy the lovely music, and let us pray season 2 of Your Lie In April comes out soon. 

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