“You’re a fake”: expels one of the guests from her sister’s funeral and recriminates her for owing her money

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A young woman from California USA, went viral for harshly criticizing one of the people who had come to the funeral of his sister, who lost her life in a traffic accident. The record, disseminated on the social network TikTok, generated controversy among users and in a short time exceeded 23 million views.

In the images, published by the Jazzklassykushco account, it can be seen that Jasmine, the protagonist of the clip, goes to the lectern to talk about a person who had come to the ceremony. “You’re so fake”says the young woman.

“He didn’t even like you. You owe him money. And I didn’t even see you donate for my sister’s funeral, so you automatically disqualify yourself “he continued.

“You can leave the room. Yes bye. Bye. Don’t be surprised now “ends up saying Jasmine, whose recording generated divided opinions among users of the popular video platform.

It should be added that, apparently, the young woman’s message would not have been made directly in the face of the person to whom she was referring, since she is not seen in the filming.

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