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You’re Making Me Feel Extremely Powerful

Kesha isn’t letting online negativity affect her self-love! The 37-year-old "Woman" singer took to Instagram on Sunday to share two stunning photos of herself in a black bikini, where she addressed body shamers directly.

"I didn’t think in 2024 people still body shamed but," Kesha started, making her feelings known. She then proudly continued, "I am so proud of my body. She’s been through a lot. She’s torn her ACL on stage and finished the show. She’s held my f**king broken heart together."

Shutting down the haters, Kesha added, "To those who think you’re shaming me, you’re actually making me feel very powerful. So, to you, I hope you one day feel whole enough to not tear other women down. In the meantime, hate me harder b**ch:) 💪🏻."

Kesha has been embracing new beginnings recently. In March, she hinted at new music following her lengthy legal battle with former producer Dr. Luke.

"First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome," the pop star wrote at the time.

Kesha was entangled in a legal struggle for nearly a decade before it was settled in June 2023. On Independence Day this year, she released her first new single, "Joyride."

Kesha’s deal with Luke’s label, Kemosabe, which is distributed by RCA Records, officially ended in late February, seven months after the release of her last contractual album with the label, Gag Order, which came out in May 2023.

Throughout her career with Kemosabe, Kesha released five full-length albums—including her 2010 debut, Animal, which featured the smash hit "Tik Tok"—and three EPs.

On Saturday, Kesha took time to reflect on her journey, writing on Instagram, "As I race like a madman into this iconic chapter of my life, I can’t help but appreciate how hard this joy has been fought for. Thank you to all the animals who had my back then💕 I love u praying. You’re a bad strong resilient b**ch. I’m proud of you."

Kesha’s recent declarations are part of her broader journey towards self-empowerment and self-love, amplified by a community of fans who have continuously supported her through challenging times. Her return to music and her strong statements highlight a new era in her career and personal growth.

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