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YouTube already lets you tip your creators on every video they upload

YouTube is not the same social network that was created in its beginnings. Yes, more videos are uploaded than ever, with higher quality, of more types and from all over the world, but many have made it a way of life. The so-called youtubers have given a radical turn to the application and it gives them different tools to generate content in addition to receiving payments for it. But now the firm wants to give an additional twist with the Super Thank you feature that will appear in some videos.

Tip your favorite content creators at any time

If you like the content, give it a like, comment and subscribe. This is what every content creator asks their audience for their channel to grow and appear in the recommended section that is so important to them. The upload frequency is important, not to mention the pampering that video quality needs to achieve that of staying at the top of the videos that might interest you.

But visualizations are not the only way in which a youtuber generates money, and now they will have a new opportunity to receive some extra income. And we are not talking about the merchandising, which also, but about the new feature that YouTube puts at your disposal to thank your content creator, although you can also do it in their live when they are ready.

The option He called her Super Thank you, or thank you as you can already read on some channels like the one we leave you in the image. This button is placed just below the video, next to other important functions such as sharing, like and dislike or saving to your playlist and will give you several options. First write the comment you want to send to the creator and then make the payment of a minimum of two euros up to 50 euros.

New features to compete with Twitch

YouTube has found a great rival to beat on Amazon, and that is Twitch It has taken not only an audience, but also creators who were previously related to the platform. The capabilities of the purple platform are different, but it has enough tools to attract all those who want to earn money and receive it live with messages from its users.

In the end, YouTube Super Thanks It is a tool to receive this money and the highlighted message in deferred and in any video, so that a creator will have more opportunities to monetize their content the more videos they upload, although for that they must be registered with the monetization options of the platform.


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