YouTube expands its short video features to compete with TikTok

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YouTube expande las funciones de sus videos cortos para competir con TikTok

From now on, according to ad recently YouTube, it will be possible to use your videos to transform them into ‘short’ audios (Shorts, in English). The platform I assure to The Verge that this feature is now available in new markets, as part of the Shorts launch in the UK, Canada and several Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

“Audio from any eligible long-form video on YouTube can be used to create a Short, and each Short made from that audio will be attributed and linked to the creator’s original from the Shorts dynamic page,” the company explained. “Linking your original videos gives you a great opportunity for new audiences to discover and interact with your content in a new way.”

With this new function, YouTube diversifies its Shorts and presents greater competition to TikTok, whose main strength is precisely its short and dynamic videos, capable of using audios from videos created by other people.

Now YouTube Shorts users will be able to extract sounds from other videos on the platform, as well as from a licensed music library. The function will channel those who want it to the new Shorts function, through a button, called “Create”, which in the mobile application appears below the “I like” and “I do not like”. By clicking on it, they will have the option to test any audio from long video in short version. Viewers of Shorts will also be able to return to the original video on YouTube.

As concluded by YouTube’s Product Leader for Shorts, Todd Sherman, “this feature will allow creators of long clips to” benefit by allowing the community to find something interesting in their videos. “

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