YouTube finally brings the ‘Continue watching’ function to your mobile

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YouTube is a social network where content is uploaded day in and day out as well. It is very easy to get lost among all the videos that are uploaded and you can start by looking at one theme and end with a different one. You can even leave videos unfinished, which can lead to leaving some content unfinished because there was another that also seemed interesting. Luckily, there is the feature of Keep watching on YouTube and it finally reaches mobile phones.

Don’t leave any video unseen on YouTube

YouTube has a ton of cool features that will help make your social media experience as complete as possible. Having a wide variety of videos where you can find answers, listen to music or just entertain yourself is easy, but finishing each and every one of them is not so easy. That is why there are characteristics as important as is the history or Keep watching.

Both work as a reminder of your visit to the service, so you can use them whenever you want. The first exists since almost the beginning of the site and helps users to have a history of all the videos they have visited during their stay. But the second is more current and helps all those recent videos not only not fall into oblivion, but also that you watch them completely.

This feature has been around for a long time and today, finally, YouTube starts working on keep watching feature on Android and iOS. The function has been discovered 9to5google and they affirm that this feature will soon arrive on mobile terminals that will help you to follow each video that you left halfway. In fact, this section will take you to those videos just when you stop the player, although you will have no problems following the video thanks to the fact that you can go back and forth in it.

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There is no word yet on when it will be available, but at the moment it is a big step towards balancing the functions of the web version and the smartphone version.


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