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YouTube Star 'Pretty Pastel Please', Alexandra, Dies at 30

YouTube Star ‘Pretty Pastel Please’, Alexandra, Dies at 30
Image Credit: Courtesy of Pretty Pastel Please/YouTube

YouTuber Pretty Pastel Please—known as Alexandra—has left her 691k subscribers in disbelief after news of her sudden death was revealed on Friday, July 5.

The vlogger, with 282 videos to her name, created content as described on her YouTube bio, including “fashion hauls, product reviews, thrift shopping, travel content,” and even featured “a talking parrot.” Her latest video was a Temu haul where she purchased and reviewed various items.

On Instagram, a post featuring an image of Alexandra titled “In Memoriam” broke the news to her followers. The statement read, “We come to you today with a devastating announcement. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Alex, known to many as Pretty Pastel Please, has passed away. Her passing was sudden, unexpected, and devastating to all who knew her.”

The post continued, “This is a shock to us all, and her family and friends have requested privacy as they navigate their grief. We would ask that you respect their wishes—they appreciate all of your support but need time to heal in private.”

The news left fans in a state of shock. One user commented, “what the f**k l’ve been watching her since I was just a teenager in school, this is one of the first content creator deaths that actually feels personal although I could never begin to imagine the grief her loved ones feel. I’m so sorry.”

Another shared, “This is not what I wanted to open Instagram to today. Rest in peace Alex. You were a joy to watch and follow these past years.”

Her last Instagram post before the announcement was on May 23. It featured a selfie of her wearing headphones with cat ears, along with a gentle smile. She captioned it, “I’m case you missed it, I’m back to streaming on a regular schedule again! You can catch me live on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 6pm AEST over on”

In July of last year, Alexandra revealed she was experiencing a rough patch in her love life, resulting in a divorce from her partner, Daniel. In a video titled ‘Addressing my divorce & other rumors (Q&A),’ she shared their plans to sell their home and start anew in Tasmania, though it did not go as planned. “He changed his mind and didn’t want to move… And asked for a divorce,” she said.

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