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YouTube TV Takes Home First-Ever Technical Emmy Award

The Emmys: Celebrating Excellence in the Audiovisual World

The Emmys is one of the most prestigious awards in the audiovisual industry, recognizing the television shows that have proven to be successful for various reasons. However, as it turns out, winning an Emmy is not limited to actors, actresses, directors, and series. The Emmys also celebrate the good work of the organizations behind these services, as seen in the Technical Emmys.

Understanding the Technical Emmys

Technical Emmys recognize the companies behind the services’ features that offer an added advantage to users when choosing the content of their platform. These companies worked hard to provide users with a better viewing experience. The work done by these companies is just as important as the work done by actors, actresses, and directors.

Why YouTube TV Won the Technical Emmy

During the 74th Emmy awards, YouTube TV won its first Emmy under the “views” feature. The views feature is a newly designed function that makes viewing content more complete and interactive, specifically for sports lovers. With this feature, users can see the most outstanding games, statistics of the players, and more. It was specially designed to provide users with a more in-depth analysis of their favorite sports games.

Kathryn Cochrane, the YouTube TV Group Project Manager, explained the views feature: “Many of our viewers are devoted sports fans, and we find that when they watch sports, they’re not just watching what’s on the big screen. They were also actively on their phones, finding more details, like stats from their fantasy football league, updates from other games, and more, all to enhance what they were already seeing.”


In conclusion, the Emmys celebrate excellence in the audiovisual world. Winning an Emmy award is a mark of distinction and recognition for hard work, innovation, and creativity. The Technical Emmys are as important as the regular Emmys since they recognize the crucial role of companies behind the services’ features such as YouTube TV. The views feature, which won the Technical Emmy for YouTube TV, provides users with an improved viewing experience, showing that innovation is just as important as the content itself.

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