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YouTuber Explains Why Wyoming Isn't for Everyone

YouTuber Explains Why Wyoming Isn’t for Everyone

It is actually amusing to watch the occasional YouTube video about Wyoming, especially when made by someone who is obviously not from Wyoming. The information is usually dubious, based on conjecture, or from a big city person’s point of view.

However, I must give credit to the popular travel, educational, and entertainment YouTube channel, World According to Briggs.

Over the last three years, Briggs has produced a couple of interesting videos about the Cowboy State. If I were to grade his Wyoming-themed content on a high school scale, I’d give it a solid “B” average, which is significantly better than most of his peers.

His latest offering, released about two weeks ago, is titled “15 Reasons Wyoming Ain’t For Everyone in 2025” and is quite on point. The 14-minute video highlights some facts, adds some dad joke-like comedy, and includes Briggs’ opinions, gleaned either from visiting our state or talking with life-long Wyoming natives.

Personally, if more tourists took the time to watch some of his content, I think there would be fewer “tourons” in our parks and monuments. But that might just be wishful thinking.

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Source: World According to Briggs