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YouTuber Reveals Why Wyoming Might Not Be for Everyone

It’s always amusing to see YouTube videos about Wyoming produced by people who clearly aren’t from the state. Often, the information is inaccurate, speculative, or presented from a big-city perspective. However, one YouTube channel that stands out is World According to Briggs.

Over the past three years, Briggs has created a few fascinating videos about Wyoming, and they’re surprisingly accurate. If I were to grade his content from a high school perspective, I’d give it a solid “B.” This sets him apart from many of his peers who often miss the mark.

His latest video, titled “15 Reasons Wyoming Ain’t For Everyone in 2025,” was released about two weeks ago and hits the nail on the head. Though it’s only 14 minutes long, it successfully mixes factual information, a dash of humor, and Briggs’ opinions, which seem to stem from either his visits to Wyoming or conversations with long-time residents.

If more tourists watched his content, there might be fewer ill-informed visitors in our parks and monuments. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Source: World According to Briggs