YouTube’s PiP Mode Finally Comes to iOS: What is Picture in Picture

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Called Picture in Picture, the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature allows you to play YouTube videos while using other applications on your mobile device. The PiP reduces the video to a small player that you can scroll around the home screen and hover over other applications.

If this feature is enabled, you can continue to play YouTube videos while using other applications on your mobile device. The problem? Which has been available on Android since 2018, but on iOS it still wasn’t.

PiP YouTube iOS

Last June, YouTube announced that iPhone and iPad users were finally going to be able to enjoy PiP on their terminals, allowing them to continue consuming content in the background while doing something else. Picture-in-picture (PIP) feature lets you exit the YouTube app and keep playing your video in a floating window that remains on the mobile screen.

This is different from the previous minimization function, in which users can make their current video play on a smaller screen, but which required them to continue browsing within the YouTube application, without being able to leave it.

First for Premium users

Almost 3 months later, we finally have more news about this, since YouTube itself has confirmed to the TechChrunch website the start of the tests. YouTube promises that the PiP display will reach all iPhone and iPad users in the United States first, “starting with the volunteers who use Premium “.

For this you will have to participate in the test via the experiment website. But after that you are good to go: you will be able to see the clips in a floating window while you check your social networks or do other things.

The Premium trial ends on October 31. You may need to reinstall the YouTube app if the feature isn’t available right away. The company hasn’t said when it plans to enable PiP for non-Premium subscribers, but what it did promise is that “the function will be available to all users, paid or not, at some point”, so in theory it should be available not long after Halloween.


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