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Y&R Spoilers: Adam and Chelsea Share a Kiss!

The drama intensifies this week on The Young & The Restless! Billy is puzzled by Lily’s lack of enthusiasm, Nikki urges Jack to lean on her for support, and an emotional moment between Adam and Chelsea sparks a passionate encounter. Things are about to get complicated!

Lily has convinced Billy to join her plan to dismantle the Chancellor-Winters merger, with the intention of running the new Abbott-Chancellor company together. As they chat over coffee at Crimson Lights, Billy is eager to celebrate. “Well, I guess congratulations are in order,” Lily remarks. However, Billy doesn’t understand why she’s not more thrilled. “We won,” he reminds her, puzzled by her subdued reaction. Could it be that Lily feels guilty about secretly collaborating with Devon and Nate to blindside Billy?

Meanwhile, Jack confides in Nikki about the ongoing turmoil at Jabot involving Kyle and Diane, and how the stress is affecting the Abbott family. “It’s tearing me apart,” Jack confesses. Nikki, concerned and wanting to help, responds, “Talk to me, Jack. Let me be there for you the way you have been here for me.” Given that Victor was already upset about Nikki asking Jack to be her sponsor, their growing closeness might not sit well with him.
Might Nikki regret trying to help Jack? CBS

On another front, Adam and Chelsea have been spending considerable time together, concerned about their son, Connor. Despite Adam being with Sally and Chelsea growing close to Billy, proximity seems to be rekindling old flames. As Chelsea finds solace in Adam’s embrace, their faces draw closer, leading to a tentative kiss that rapidly blooms into passion. Could this indicate a rekindling of their past romance, or will they regret this sudden emotional outburst?

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Source: Soaps In Depth